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The Importance Of Exercise

The importance of exercise is something that you may not have given much thought to yet. Particularly in our younger years our bodies do tend to function quite well, and generally we are able to do all the daily activities required of us without too much trouble. As we get older however, often with all the commitments of work and family, our bodies can miss out on the physical stimulation required to maintain good levels of muscle strength and good function. Combined with poor sleeping habits or poor nutritional intake, this can lead to poor health and ultimately an increased risk for premature death. (20-30% higher for physically inactive people according to the World Health Organisation).

An effective exercise program does not need to take up hours of your time every week. Something as simple as a 10 minute home program 3-5 times per week can be just as effective as spending hours in the gym, if you are consistent and do the correct form of exercises.

So don’t wait another day! Book an appointment with one of our exceptional therapists and let them show you exactly how you can feel and function at your best, both now and for the future! Call The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy now on 95609393.

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