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  • Effective, hands-on treatments in the privacy of your own room

  • Our clinic is open 6 days a week

  • Almost 100 years of combined experience helping people just like you!

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a therapeutic technique founded on the principle perspective that the human body has a great capacity for healing itself. While most people have the commonly held belief that Osteopathy is strictly prescribed for spinal cord and nerve-related ailments and issues, the practice of Osteopathy encompasses a holistic approach to the healing of the whole body, regardless of where dysfunction and pain may be experienced.

Osteopathy is frequently recommended for the treatment of a multitude of conditions, such as back pain, neck pain and stiffness, headache, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and problems through the hips and pelvic region. Osteopathy can also provide for effective treatment of migraines, menstrual pains, and digestive disorders.

Osteopathy is a manual form of healthcare that pays attention to structural links within the human body. Typically, Osteopaths adopt a holistic approach to treating ailments by focusing on the relationship between a patient’s joints, muscles, nerves, circulatory system, and other connective tissues. Through accurate diagnosis and effective hands-on techniques, our Osteopaths at The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy help people just like you, to feel and function at your best!

How Osteopathy Can Help You?

Our Osteopaths typically begin by identifying any ailments or bodily dysfunctions you may have. Once any ailments are diagnosed, our Osteopaths then proceed with hands-on techniques such as stretching, massage, and musculoskeletal adjustment, to aid with both pain-relief and long-term recovery. Osteopaths employ drug-free, non-invasive techniques which not only focus on resolving pain-related issues, but also to improve health throughout a patient’s bodily systems, and strengthen their musculoskeletal framework.

At The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy, our caring practitioners take the time to accurately assess your presenting complaints, and utilize effective techniques that may include musculoskeletal adjustment, soft tissue techniques such as massage and counter-strain, and stretching movements that help to relieve pain and stiffness and restore correct bodily function.

Ours is an approach that goes beyond simple pain relief, to ensure lasting long-term solutions that promote your overall health and well-being. So don’t put it off any longer. Give us a call now and let one of our experienced Osteopaths show you just how good you can feel!

Click on the book online now button, or give us a call on 95609393
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