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How To Avoid Tech Neck

The term ‘tech neck’ refers to the stiffness and pain around the neck and upper back region that is so very common in our society today. It is primarily related to poor posture, and specifically to the rounding

the shoulders and forward position of our head that commonly occurs when we are looking down at screens such as phone, tablet or laptop.

This forward and downward positioning of the head significantly increases the forces that are applied to the neck structure, including discs, facet joints and muscles, which over a period of time results in the development of neck stiffness and pain.

Treatment of this condition at The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy often involves soft tissue massage therapy combined with gentle joint mobilisation, to decrease the stiffness and pain and restore normal motion to the neck. In conjunction with this it is vital to correct the posture issues that led to the development of the problem in the first place. Sometimes this involves creating a better ergonomic environment such as adjusting the chair or the position of the computer screen for example, along with some very simple postural correction exercise in order to correct and avoid the forward head position.

Our practitioners are very experienced in the treatment of tech neck. If you are suffering with a stiff/sore neck, book now with one of our friendly team on 95609393, or at

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