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Severs Disease

Severs Disease is something that we see commonly here at The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy. It is an inflammation of the growth plate where the achilles tendon inserts to the heel bone near the back of the ankle. It is a condition that commonly occurs in the early teenage years, especially in young people participating in a lot of sporting activities involving running and jumping. Excessive amounts of these activities creates a lot of stress at this attachment point of the achilles tendon, resulting in inflammation and pain.

Severs is a type of condition called a ‘Traction Apophysitis’, because the pulling forces on this point of attachment of the achilles to the heel bone can actually draw out a piece of growing bone, leading to a lump or bump on the back of the heel bone. It is vital that the condition is managed correctly in order to avoid the development of this large lump, and longer-term problems as a result.

Our friendly practitioners are experienced in the treatment and management of Severs. Give the practice a call on 95609393, or book online at, and let us help you get pain free and back on your feet again!

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