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Osteoporosis is a process whereby bones lose calcium and other important minerals leading to weakness within the bone structure, making them prone to fracture. It is a very common condition, particularly in older ladies due to hormonal influences, but the important thing to realise is that there is a lot you can do to minimise the effects of this potentially debilitating condition.

Inside your body bone is in a constant state of remodelling; that is new bone being built and older bone being broken down. This process usually occurs in a balance, however when the process of breaking down occurs faster than the process of building, Osteoporosis develops.

Research has now proven that an active lifestyle including weight bearing exercise such as walking, along with strength training exercises can specifically stimulate our bones to become stronger. In conjunction with a healthy diet and good lifestyle choices such as avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, exercise plays a vital role in keeping our bones strong and avoiding fractures as we age.

Our therapists are experts in the specific exercises required to maximise bone strength in your body. Give us a call on 95609393, or book online at and find out how to keep your body feeling and functioning at it’s best!

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