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Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a terrible experience, making it difficult to eat your favourite foods and even to brush your teeth. The joint of the jaw, or temporomandibular joint as it is correctly called, is located just underneath the ear on either side. If you place your fingers there you will feel it move as you open and close your mouth.

The temporomandibular joint contains a small fibrocartilage disc, which can be damaged by direct force such as any contact to the jaw, resulting in clicking or clunking of the joint. The joint also relies on the correct coordinated function of several small, very Important muscles located around the jaw. These muscles can become very tight, developing ‘knots’ in them that are known as trigger points, which then interfere with the correct function of the jaw and cause pain and restricted movement.

Treatment involves loosening these tight muscles to allow correct function of the joint, along with a couple of very specific exercises to strengthen them. One of our Chiropractors Dr Chris Nolan, specialises in the treatment of jaw pain. If you are suffering, book with Chris now to find out just how much better life is without jaw pain!

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