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Better Back Program

The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy’s ‘Better Back Program’ is the answer to your back-pain problems. Research over the past few years has proven that weakness of the body’s core muscles is one of the key issues in regards to back pain.

These core muscles include the deeper layers of the abdominal muscles, specific back muscles including multifidus, the pelvic floor and the diaphragm. The job of these muscles is to protect and stabilise the spine, making them vital to avoiding back pain. Multiple research studies have shown that having an episode of low back pain further weakens these muscles, making it even more likely to have yet another episode of back pain. This cycle of back pain can continue until the weakness in these particular muscles is corrected with specific strengthening exercises.

We have helped thousands of people get rid of their back pain, and we can help you too. Remember, you don’t have to live with back pain, but you do have to take action and do something about it! To find out how you can get rid of your back-pain problem with The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy’s ‘Better Back Program’, give us a call on 95609393, or click on the link Life wasn’t meant to be painful!

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