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Back Pain

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Back pain is one of the most common presentations we see here at The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy. Recent research indicates that almost every person will suffer at least one episode of significant lower back pain during their lifetime. It is important however to note that there are some key factors in regards to back pain prevention that go a long way to preventing this potentially debilitating problem.

In order to function well the back requires a balance of both flexibility and strength, along with good posture. Our practitioners are able to teach you appropriate exercises for each of these aspects, specific to your individual situation. Prevention is the best approach when it comes to back pain! Back pain can be localised or generalised, and can even extend down one or both legs, often referred to as sciatica.

Our treatment for back pain often consists of soft tissue massage to release muscle tightness and spasm, often combined with gentle mobilisation of the spinal segments to get them moving freely again which helps with pain relief and faster recovery. Initially inflammation can be a major source of pain so things like ice packs and anti-inflammatory medication can be beneficial in the early stages of management. Once pain has eased and flexibility has been restored then specific core strengthening exercises becomes the key focus, combined with good ergonomic set ups and correct posture.

Every person’s situation is different, so the key is getting a thorough examination with one of our caring, experienced practitioners who will have you feeling better and on the road to a full recovery in the quickest possible time. Give us a call at the practice now on 95609393, or click on the book now button, and let’s get you pain relief and back on track now!

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