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Achilles Pain

Achilles pain is a very common presentation here at The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy. Unfortunately it tends to be a stubborn condition due to the very nature of the pathology involved.

Achilles tendonopathy as it is correctly known, is a ‘wear and tear’ type of condition, where the structure of the tendon begins to weaken and break down, until the tendon starts to struggle with the large forces it has to bear and begins to be painful. Classically the first few steps out of bed in the morning, or the first few steps after sitting down for a prolonged period of time tend to be painful. Initially once you get moving the pain will tend to ease, however if left untreated the tendon may continue to weaken until the pain no longer eases but is more constant, making it difficult to even walk.

The primary focus of treatment is to strengthen the structure of the tendon, such that it can withstand the forces applied to it during activity without provoking pain. The most effective form of strengthening is what is known as isometric strengthening, however a number of different exercises can be used to create the best outcome. Correct footwear is very important, as is correction of any contributing factors in foot function, such as excessive pronation.

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in correcting achilles pain. Don’t delay another day, as the condition can get worse without correct treatment. For your solution call us now on 95609393, or click on the book now button on our website. Remember, if you are new to our clinic, take advantage of our new patient – no gap special offer!

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