What is Chiropractic Treatment?

The practice of Chiropractic treatment features a hands-on approach to the assessment, and treatment of a patient’s physical injuries and bodily pains. While the practice is most commonly associated to the treatment of pains such as headaches, back, and neck pains, what separates qualified Chiropractors from other medical professionals is that they focus not only on treating the symptoms of a patient’s pain, but also to address the cause of the pain, and develop a lasting, long-term health solution.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on understanding and treating the disorders of a patient’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and addressing the negative effects they pose upon a person’s general health.

Much like the manual therapy involved in massage and Physiotherapy, Chiropractic treatment involves a drug-free, hands-on method to health care that seeks to diagnose, treat, and educate patients, so as to help them achieve their desired quality of health and wellbeing.

At The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy, our certified Chiropractors focus on the bodily relationship between a patient’s spine, pelvis, and nervous system. To help restore a patient’s health and bodily function, our Chiropractic assessments and treatments focus on how the human body moves in relation to the skull and spinal cord, where the root of all communication pathways in the body converge.

How Does it Work?

As the first step to effective Chiropractic treatment, our professional Chiropractors begin with an assessment of all patients through a combination of various methodologies, including clinical examination, diagnostic imaging, and other necessary laboratory testing.

Once a professional diagnosis is established, our Chiropractors employ a combination of treatments that seek to address the specific health needs of individual patients. While treatment plans may vary from one patient to another, this variety of treatment methods commonly involves methods such as therapeutic exercise, non-invasive therapies, and educational lifestyle counseling to ensure that patients are able to continue living the best quality of life possible, long after their ailments are resolved.

Typically, our Chiropractors employ common therapy methods such as spinal manipulative therapy, which uses professional adjustment techniques that allow Chiropractors to make precise adjustments to a patient’s vertebrae to correct joint motion and restore proper bodily function. The methods employed in treatment plans prescribed by our Chiropractors may vary – but involve the strategic use of massage, soft tissue, trigger point and adjustment therapy to firstly alleviate patients from pain, remove any stiffness in the body, and ensure that they are equipped with the best knowledge available to better the conditions of their lives through practical exercise and good nutrition.

Since back-related issues can also vary in terms of severity, our Chiropractors may also involve other relevant medical specialists as part of a patient’s long-term treatment plan.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help You

Our Chiropractors’ aim is primarily to promote the overall health of our patients, using their professional understanding of the spine as a way to diagnose and treat physical ailments. While Chiropractic treatment is often recommended as an effective method for pain relief, regular sessions with our Chiropractors can help in the long-term promotion of your physical health, especially for individuals coping with highly active lifestyles, or those seeking to better the conditions of their life as they age.

While some ailments might seem more commonplace than others, scheduling a visit with our Chiropractors at our The Glen Waverley premises is a great way to start taking control of your physical wellbeing. Be it for recurring back and neck pains, or even post-traumatic injuries like whiplash or sports-related incidents, our Chiropractors focus on the biomechanical and structural relationship of the spine, how it affects the rest of a patient’s nervous system, and employ that knowledge to design treatment plans that restore a patient’s structural bodily integrity to the fullest extent of health.

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