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Osteoporosis: 5 Main Causes And How To Prevent It

November 23rd, 2017 by Kylie Jane

Brittling of the bones is a painful and devastating effect caused by osteoporosis – often causing fractured or broken bones due to a minor slip or fall. Due to the loss of bone mineral density (BMD), osteoporosis greatly affects your everyday decisions and lifestyle choices – ensuring that you’re extra careful not to make any wrong moves.

However, osteoporosis isn’t caused by a single element. Many factors contribute to the loss of bone mineral density, including:

1. Oestrogen decrease.

Oestrogen is particularly important for osteoporosis prevention due to the fact that it helps to remodel bone – where more bone is added than taken. However, as you reach a certain age, menopause starts kicking in, reducing Oestrogen levels and increasing your chances (in women) for developing osteoporosis.

2. Too much thyroid hormone.

Having an overactive thyroid can lead to developing osteoporosis; whether you’re taking too much thyroid hormone to treat an underactive thyroid or simply producing too much thyroid hormone naturally. It’s important to have your thyroid checked annually to prevent future problems.

3. Low calcium intake.

Not drinking enough milk? Low calcium intake results in bone density loss, early bone loss, as well as an increased risk of bone fractures. Thus, it’s important to keep your calcium level intake normal when you’re young to ensure that you’re receiving enough calcium when it counts.

4. Alcohol consumption.

Drinking too much alcohol not only affects your liver, but also increases your risk of developing osteoporosis. Thus, keep it to one glass of wine per day if you must, but don’t exceed our limit of two.

5. Sitting for extended periods of time.

Sitting can cause various health problems, including weight gain and osteoporosis. Your muscles and bones simply don’t receive the type of exercise and strength-training they need to become strong. Thus, if you do work a desk job, it may be a good idea to join a gym after work hours for your daily 30-minutes of exercise.

However, there are ways in which you can prevent osteoporosis, except for doing the exact opposite of what’s mentioned above. When trying to figure out how to prevent osteoporosis, always keep the following in mind:

1. Dance your heart out.

Exercises which allow you to work against your body’s own gravity will do wonders in preventing osteoporosis. Apart from losing weight and improving your overall mental health, dancing also helps to strengthen bones and muscles – both of which are crucial for preventing osteoporosis.

2. Drink less soda.

Whether it’s the phosphorus in soda that prevents your body from absorbing calcium or the fact that more soda is replaced with milk consumption, it’s never a good idea to drink soda. If not for the added weight gain, but also for the risk of developing osteoporosis.

3. Avoid working out too hard.

Working out is excellent for your health but too much of a good thing is never beneficial. Working out excessively can lead to bone loss, loss of a menstrual cycle in women, and even eating disorders. Bone loss, in trying to prevent osteoporosis, is never a good thing.

4. Visit a Physiotherapist.

Whether you have osteoporosis already or you’re simply trying to avoid it, visit a Physiotherapist always helps. Physiotherapy for osteoporosis helps to strengthen bones and muscle – reducing the pain and even the risk of a fracture.

“Our methods consist of clinically tested practices such as massage, mobilisation and clinical Pilates. We also supplement our treatments with corrective exercise prescription, postural exercise and ergonomic advice, to ensure not only short-term relief from pain but prevention in the longer term.”

Contact us to schedule your physiotherapy for osteoporosis session.

When trying to figure out osteoporosis prevention and treatment, it’s important to keep the above-mentioned basic tips in mind in order to stop it in its tracks. Remember, prevention is always better than being sorry.

Live a healthy lifestyle, take care of your body, exercise regularly, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself every once in a while. “Self-love is the greatest medicine.” – Anonymous.

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