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How To Get Rid Of a Headache: 5 Essential Home Remedies

November 23rd, 2017 by Kylie Jane

Headaches can happen at any given time, anywhere you go; regardless of your age. Depending on the nature of your headache, it can become quite debilitating. Some individuals simply have to stop what they’re doing and take a little bit of a breather before being able to carry on with normal, everyday activities.

However, suffering and trying to get rid of a headache doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. There are a few headache treatments at home that can be incorporated into your everyday life – allowing you to stay within the comfort of your home to seek relief.

1. Incorporate peppermint oil.

You can either use peppermint as a herbal tea, by placing the crushed leaves on your forehead, or by mixing peppermint oil and water and rubbing the mixture on your temples or on the back of your neck. Peppermint helps to open up clogged blood vessels, which is great for relieving headache pain – regulating the blood flow in your body.

2. Make a cinnamon paste.

Does only does cinnamon taste delicious in food, it’s also a great headache treatment at home by mixing the powder with water to create a paste. Place the paste on your forehead and temples for 30-minutes while resting. Wash off with lukewarm water at the end of your session.

3. Stretch it out.

Stretching your neck muscles out can decrease the intensity by loosening up the muscles a little bit. Move your head, slowly, from side to side, forwards and backwards, and twist your neck in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Stop immediately if it hurts more than your initial headache.

4. Let your hair down.

At the end of a long day, do you often feel much better after letting your hair down from a bun or ponytail? It could be that you’re fastening your hair too tightly during the day. Remember, it could also be caused by a hat, swimming goggles, or a tight headband. Often, all that’s needed is to let your hair down a little bit.

5. Add a hot or cold pad.

If you’re suffering from a pesky migraine, hold a cold pack on your forehead for roughly 15-minutes. Alternatively, you can also take a cold shower which should relieve the pain. For a tension headache, place a heat pad on the back of your neck or head. Again, you can always take a warm shower to release the tension in your muscles and relieve the pain.

Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Healing Touch Hospital, suggests, “You can also place a washcloth dipped in ice-cold or hot water over your head for 5 minutes. Repeat the process several times.”

Alternatively, try osteopathy.

Many headaches originate from tension in the neck muscles and surrounding areas, which is where osteopathic manipulative treatment for headaches comes in quite handy. By implementing a holistic approach to healing, osteopathy focuses on the connection between skeleton, the muscles, the circulatory system and nerve endings.

“Osteopathy treats this connection in a holistic manner, focusing on how the function of the joints and muscles can have a positive or negative impact on the function of internal organs and blood circulation, and on the entire body as a whole.”

Figuring out easy ways to get rid of headaches could prevent you from getting regular headaches in the first place – improving your quality of life and overall happiness. Remember, you don’t have to suffer through the pain. Often, finding natural ways of easing the discomfort will prevent other complications arising from having to take prescription painkillers.

Why suffer in silence when you can live a happy, headache-free life with natural home remedies?

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