What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a therapeutic technique founded on the principle perspective that the human body has a great capacity for healing itself. While most people have the commonly held belief that Osteopathy is strictly prescribed for spinal cord and nerve-related ailments and issues, the practice of Osteopathy encompasses a holistic approach to the healing of the body, regardless of where dysfunction may be experienced in a patient’s body.

Typically, Osteopathy is recommended as a treatment in cases where patients experience pain that originates from the lower back, neck, shoulder, and sometimes, the lower limbs. While Osteopathy is commonly recommended for sufferers of pains related to a patient’s bones and muscles, it is not uncommon for Osteopathy to be recommended for sufferers of harder to diagnose ailments, including migraines, menstrual pains, digestive disorders, and even depression.

Osteopathy involves a manual form of healthcare that pays attention to structural links within the human body. Typically, Osteopaths adopt a holistic approach to treating ailments by focusing on the relationship between a patient’s joints, muscles, nerves, circulatory systems, and other connective tissues. Through qualified diagnosis and hands-on techniques, our Osteopaths at The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy help patients of all lifestyles to identify, and effectively treat dysfunctions that can arise from daily habits and routine activities.

How Does it Work?

Osteopathy is rooted in the scientific medical view that the body is an interconnected system involving musculoskeletal tissue, circulatory systems, lymphatic, and nerve endings. Through manual (hands-on) treatments and procedures, Osteopaths treat a patient’s ailments by keeping this holistic perspective in mind, and focusing on how ailments can be addressed by understanding how joint and muscle function can have a positive or negative effect on the rest of a patient’s internal and external well-being.

Our Osteopaths typically begin treatment plans by identifying any ailments or bodily dysfunctions presented by patients. Once any ailments are diagnosed by our pracitioners, our Osteopaths then proceed with hands-on techniques such as stretching, massage, and musculoskeletal manipulation, to aid with pain-relief, and long-term recovery. Osteopaths employ drug-free, non-invasive techniques which not only focus on resolving pain-related issues, but also to improve health across a patient’s bodily systems, and strengthen their musculoskeletal framework.

At The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy, our practitioners take full care in helping patients accurately assess the extent of their injuries or disabilities, and employ certified techniques that involve musculoskeletal manipulation (massages, stretching routines), high-velocity low-amplitude spinal manipulation, and counter-strenuous movements that help to relieve pain and stiffness and correct bodily dysfunction.

Ours is an approach that goes beyond the effect of pain and relief, to ensure lasting long-term solutions that promote the overall well-being of the patients we attend to.

How Osteopathy Can Help You

Osteopathy can be prescribed to patients of any lifestyle, and all walks of life. Whether a patient presents health issues from an active or sedentary lifestyle, our Osteopaths at The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy focus on easing a variety of conditions through the holistic, hands-on techniques encompassed within the practice of Osteopathy.

Whether health problems arise due to commonly experienced ailments such as back pains from improper posture, or physical strains to do with pregnancy or aging, a consultation with our certified Osteopaths can help you identify a holistic treatment plan to cope with, and resolve your physical ailments.

As Osteopathy features a holistic view on pain management and relief, patients can rest assured that all personalised Osteopathic treatment plans at our Glen Waverley premises are designed not only for the effective resolution of ailments, but also to prolong a patient’s well-being, and help them live life to the best possible degree of health.

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