Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a common form of exercise in the modern age. Through a series
of specific, controlled movements, pilates improves the bodies flexibility,
strength and endurance.

How Clinical Pilates Works

A pilates session is designed to improve core muscle strength, balance
and flexibility through a combination of exercises performed on either
floor mats or specialized pilates equipment. A careful assessment allows
our practitioners to determine exactly any weakness within your core,
so that the exercise then prescribed to you is targeted to exactly what
your body needs. Here at The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy we have
both pilates reformer and trapeze available to assist you. Combined with
the expertise of our specially trained therapists, this is the most specific
and effective way to stimulate your core muscles.

Clinical pilates is heavily supported by scientific research to be one
of the most effective ways to reduce back pain in the longer term, improving
both the strength and control of the specific muscles that the body requires
to protect the important spinal structures. Come and let one of our caring
therapists assist you to gain control over your core!


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