Is The Problem Muscle, Or Is It Joint?

Is the problem muscle or is it joint?

The typical answer to the commonly asked question is both.
Excessive stress in the vicinity of a joint will always have an influence on surrounding musculature.

The consequence of untreated poor posture or repetitive strain injury accounts for more than 90% of patients that present to the clinic. Often these changes do not produce symptoms that are obvious to the patient until significant dysfunction has occurred.
Untreated joint dysfunction leads to injury.
Chiropractic serves to restore motion to restricted areas to reduce stiffness, pain and

Hands-on therapy, dietary, ergonomic consideration and exercise prescription is provided to assist in maintaining the health of all patients.
We treat all conditions including headache, neck and jaw related issues.
Anything from head to toe.

Dr Christopher Nolan
B.App.Sci(CompMed), M.Chiro(Clinical).

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